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ME: MI - versione italiana
My name is Gianni Bonin, I was born in Castelfranco Veneto.
After middle school I started working in a machine shop managed by my dad. Thanks to his expertise I picked up the fundamental techniques of machining and tooling. In the meantime I specialized in lathing, milling and welding at an evening trade-school in Treviso, where, for my final exam, I won first prize for making the most precise piece out of the entire graduating class.
I worked in the machining industry for 12 years. Then, feeling the urge to change, I became a self-employed professional and on behalf of a furniture company, was sent to the United States to assemble furniture. This experience provided me with invaluable teachings. I was then assigned to a technical department where I worked in design and R&D.
Then, opportunity knocked again. So, I got involved in the restaurant industry in Tenerife, in the Canary islands. This spell lasted for one year, after which I came back to Italy and got back into the furniture industry and continued to travel the world to places like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, including the Barcelona Olympic Games construction sites.
During this time I also set up my own machine shop and lab where I could experiment and build a variety of metal and wood items.
At the time I was also working for a major, local company which also had a branch in Connecticut. This job took me all over the States, where I assembled furniture. It also provided me with a second opportunity to work on a considerably large project with the prestigious architect Frank Gehry.
By working alongside architects and other professionals, I got the urge to go back to school and got a high-school arts degree and lots of new experience, too.
I am very keen on art, nature, martial arts and extreme sports, but I’m also a technology buff, especially when it comes to motorbikes.
I do my utmost to realise the jobs I’m commissioned and that which my creativity generates.
In 2010 I produced in collaboration with a well-known engineering firm from Treviso, a stainless steel frame for the table in Carrara marble, commissioned by the famous architect Norman Foster. Photos and documentation: click on "Speciali" in the main menu.

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